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Company Profile SIMPLY

To know all the details and information about the company and the mechanism of work and network marketing, you can download file and see the contents.

how to reach SIMPLY To every house in the Arab world?


Reach you through social marketing.


It is the only company in the world that thinks of an innovative system based on securing financial income Fast, generous and simply works in the way of co-marketing the services package.


Not for wealth, but for sufficiency.

Company introduction

Company founder

Eng. Hajar Al-Hassan

Palestinian-American who holds a MBA degree in PMP. She is a brave woman who adores the sustainable development and loves serving the global community. Therefore, she decided to create a company in order to increase the consciousness, financial and educational levels all around the world.

Our Success Partner


The company was established in 2016 to be a leading company in the field of software services And web technologies with creative ideas through the presence of a distinguished and professional team working for the prosperity of the country Arab in the middle of the world.

Our Success Partner


The first online digital Arabic magazine officially registered in the beloved Palestine and is specialized In the field of direct selling and multi-level marketing companies, Arab Networker magazine includes a group of One of the leading consultants specialized in this field and distinguished trainers.

Our Success Partner

Infinity App Development

A company specialized in network engineering, managing servers and preparing network equipment Managed by M. Maqbool, the main branch in Pakistan

Our locations

United Kingdom (UK) - Headquarters of the parent company

United Kingdom (Britain) - Head Office North Carolina - America - Management Office Cairo Egypt - Management Office Jordan - Regional & Operations office India - Kerala - IT Development Office Agent Offices Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Morocco , Algeria , Libya, UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Mauritania

Social marketing method for selling and marketing products

I knew this method in the 1950

Some companies have discovered that word of mouth advertising among people is the most powerful influence on customers than any publicity Others and thus marketing them to a network of people will achieve a rapid spread of products and then an increase in its sales

This method is known as social marketing, direct selling or multi-level marketing. Customers try products and then recommend them to other customers

80% of the previously added costs saved from intermediaries will be redistributed to customers Those who have recommended products within a program of commissions and rewards.

More than 110 million subscribers work in many companies in the world who were able to secure a financial income high.

Partnership System

  • The new system is smart - sequential - social Sales-oriented - governed by an innovative system.

  • SIMPLY supports the sale and marketing of its services exclusively.

  • Provides wide horizons of unlimited opportunities to our partners of members that actually help them achieve their aspirations and hopes.

  • The new and innovative SIMPLY system creates an unprecedented breakthrough In the business world, it will change our understanding of trade Completely electronic and digital.


Legend / 500 days

Direct 150 / 12 gold legs

Presidential / 300 days

Direct 120 / 12 gold legs

Diamond / 200 days

Direct 90 / 8 gold legs

Emerald / 150 days

Direct 90 / 4 gold legs

Ruby / 50 days

Direct 60 / 4 gold legs

Platinum / 15 days

Direct 60

Gold / 5 days

Direct 30

Silver / 2 days

Direct 10

Max leader / 1 days

Direct 10

Starter leader

Direct 10

Opportunity benefits

Work tools

Discounts and Shopping

Honouring and travel

Incentive program

Global International community

Modern services

Positive work environment

Development Program

Use of artificial intelligence AI


Frequently asked questions / FAQs

We are SIMPLY. a British company that's specialize in general commerce and information technology. we are a limited liability company LLC that is registered in the British Ministry of Commerce.

SIMPLY company is founded and owned by Eng. Hajar Al-Hassan, a US citizen of Palentinian origin.

We proudly partnered with key market experts, mainly Arab Networker Online Magazine that is registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Commerce, and Neronet Academy that is an Egyptian Swedish company.

The water magnetizing device is based on studies and researches related to the magnet of which the device is made, and the effect of this permenant magnet lasts for hundreds of years .

Marketing with SIMPY company is a commission-based work. known in Islam as "Ju'alah ", and this is utterly permissible by Shari'a and it is legally binding for those who in good faith have agreed to the terms.

By using one of the company's products, you acquire membership to market all the products.

You only need to buy one product. There is no fee neither for membership nor for the right of marketing.

Credit Cards, Direct remittance, Cryptocurrency payment methods, Paypal, and many other methods.

All Simply products and services are exclusive meaning that it is only available at SIMPLY company!

SIMPLY company has adopted the principle of self-sufficiency not acquiring wealth. It thrives to provide a decent level of self-sufficiency to a large number of it's distributers, and it measures its success by the number of distributers who acquire self-sufficiency equivilant to $3,000 per month.

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